Uplifting Social Products

Uplifting Social Products


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About Feva

Feva is an acronym for fun, effort, value and attitude. – A lifestyle recipe of principles promoting a healthy society combining two essential actions we all control being our effort and attitude with two essential requirements to add value and have fun in all that we do so that society benefits.


As a brand, Feva embraces these principles that reflect in the beneficial products it offers. Feva offers products that introduce fun-living and healthy activities to inspire people and uplift society through education and positive interaction. Feva exposes and exploits youthful ambition and desire that we all possess as individuals.


Feva’s product direction has evolved from manufacturing promotional foam rubber products including casual “flip flop” sandals. The director’s inspiration comes from happy children and an enjoyable life-style environment surrounding Plettenberg Bay in South Africa.


FEVA lifestyle apparel and footwear suited for all ages promote a fun, balanced and uplifting lifestyle recipe while the unique products feva manufactures focus on educational value including developing confidence and potential in young children that are our future!


Feva  – Play Anywhere!