Feva Star Seat – Bicycle training seat for young children

Award-winning product offers exceptional value to young active families.

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Unique features include :

  • Flat pack design for economical manufacturing and distribution. It is one of the most affordable child seats on the market.
  • Extremely light-weight, compact and versatile, making it suitable for travel or interchanging between bicycles.
  • Made from a non-toxic flexible material that does not harm children and does not damage bicycles.
  • Covers the bicycle frame like a saddle and does not require any special tools to assemble and fit on most modern bicycles including e-bikes and bikes with carbon frames. 

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Bertrand, With the Feva bike seat, my son now insists almost every day on going cycling


Just wanted to say I love the bike seat product and my son loves it even more.

Also wanted to let you know I like it so much I made a short video about it. Also thinking about doing another with some off road footage we took. My son insists almost every day on going cycling now.

– Bertrand van der Berg


Christa Ungerer; Happy Cycling memories made possible only by the bike seat from Feva


Hi julle. Ek love ons 2ling se star seats vandat ons dit gekoop het! So baie dankie daarvoor! Hulle het nou pas 5 geword en ons is tans besig met ‘n 3 weke toer op ons fietse deur Frankryk.  Ek kan my nie voorstel dat ons dit sou kon doen met enige ander kinderstoeltjies nie. Die feit dat hulle voor jou sit, als kan sien en beleef en mens lekker kan gesels, is beslis ons behoud dat hulle so tevrede is om elke dag 4-6 ure te sit terwyl ma en pa trap. Ons 2 kids het die kuns nou al selfs bemeester om te slaap op hulle star seats terwyl ons ry! So nogmaals dankie vir ‘n puik produk! Sonder dit sou ons nie nou sulke lekker en mooi familie herinneringe kon skep nie.


Groete, Christa Ungerer


Bettina Sahm, This bike seat is one of the best things we ever bought


Since my husband (Stefan Sahm- ex.Team Bulls) bought a ‘Feva Star Seat’ for our daughter last year, we are sure it is one of the best things we have ever bought.


Bettina Sahm, Switzerland


Od Peder: Finally a bike seat that allows me to take my 3 yr old son cycling


When I started using the Feva Star Seat I finally could bring my 3 year old son to all the places I love riding. The feeling of riding together with with your favourite person on your favourite trails is unique!


Od Peder of Fun Biking, Wang-Norderud, Norway