Feva I.Q.Master Chess

Beneficial chess game for all ages

Beneficial chess game for all ages

Feva’s latest product, IQ Master chess, is probably the most innovative chess game available that introduces fun and unique features to the popular game, thereby increasing popularity and benefits for all ages and especially enabling younger children to play while assisting development of mental capacity from an early age.

In-keeping with Feva’s mission to add value and benefit society, the game of chess was chosen for developing skills in young children while encouraging healthy, fun interaction between people off electronic devices. Playing IQ Master chess benefits valuable life skills for all ages from very young.

Unique features

I.Q. Master chess is compact and portable for travelling and can be played almost anywhere by almost anyone that wants to play. It includes a unique combination of features that truly sets it apart from other chess sets.

  • I.Q. Master chess is manufactured using quality high density closed cell foam material that is non-toxic. It is flexible and durable and enables chess pieces to be pressed into the board so that the game stays intact while playing or being preserved for continued future play.
  • The pieces are chunky and easy to identify as each piece has a distinctive shape and is marked with the relevant name and symbol for annotation as well as it’s points value in order to educate players and avoid confusion when scoring.
  • The playing board is reasonably large for an advanced player to enjoy, while for travel it packs flat and can be accommodated in hand luggage without causing damage as it is durable and flexible.
  • I.Q. Master chess stays intact when accidentally bumped or dropped and can be used on the beach or passed around in a vehicle while travelling.
  • Feva’s product direction focus has been inspired by developing young children and encouraging personal interaction. Apart from proven psychological and physical benefits associated with playing chess, I.Q. Master chess is especially suitable and beneficial for developing mental capacity in children from a young age with continued benefits for all ages capable of playing. The benefits offered along with an extremely long use lifespan makes Feva I.Q. Master chess excellent “value for money” for many consumers.
  • Included in the design, Feva has introduced a Crown for when a pawn progresses across the board and is promoted to a piece of choice nominated by the player. The crown fits on all the pieces. A unique I.Q. Master piece is another Feva innovation that is a generic substitute for any piece in-case a piece is lost or when a pawn is promoted.
  • The IQ Master chess game is contained as one unit and pieces are only temporarily removed to be placed during play or while being packed away. The folding, flat-pack design is also unique and prevents pieces from being lost. Each piece has it’s own dedicated cut-out storage space. Especially young children receive educational benefits from this feature as they learn to associate and place shapes and do the “puzzle” required to pack the set away, while developing fine motor skills.
  • Each I.Q. Master chess set comes with a fabric carry bag that protects the set by keeping it clean. It is also used to preserve interrupted games for future play.


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